Do you own a small engine that just isn’t running like it should? Bring it in and let us diagnose the problem.

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Below are some of the engine repair and services we provide:
    Small Engine Repair - Lawn Mower Repair - Lawn Mower Winterization - Equipment Tune-Up - Sharpening 
    FOR: Push/Self-Propelled Walk Behind Lawn Mowers, Riding Lawn Mowers, Zero Turn Mowers, Chainsaws, Weed 
    Trimmers, Backpack Blowers, Cutoff Saws, etc. and Sharpening Services for Lawn Mowers, Chainsaws & Carbide Cutters

TUNE-UP:    2-Cycle Engine Equipment                                        $  42.00 + Parts     

                     Push/Self-Propelled Walk Behind Lawn Mowers       $  49.00 + Parts

                     Riding Lawn Mowers                                                  $ 119.00 + Parts

                     Zero Turn Lawnmowers                                             $ 147.00 + Parts

Call us at (616) 249-8004 to bring in your equipment for servicing.